Sometime in the late 70's, six kids from the Deloraine/Hartney, Manitoba area got together in Bolduc's shed outside of Deloraine and formed a rock and roll band later to be named Sentinel: Al Manshreck (keys, vocals), Blair Bolduc (rhythm guitar), Clark Combs (bass guitar, alto sax, vocals), Don Calverley (lead guitar), Guy Grierson (vocals), Ron Murias (drums).

We played at various dances in the area for a couple years as we honed our skills and even landed a gig at the Keystone bar in Brandon! The Brandon gig did not go well, but more on that later...

The 80's came along and we all went our separate ways: university, work, marriage, etc. (but no one in jail yet, somehow).

Fast forward to the 2000's when Don, Clark and Al convinced Steve Meggison (a musical wizard and all around good guy) to join them in a few casual gigs in the area. Then, in 2012, most of the members of the original band got together for Don's 50th birthday and Guy drove out from Calgary to join in the fun. We had a blast!

Later that year, Guy re-connected with Ron back in Calgary, which soon led to the entire band getting together in June of 2013 back in Medora for our first gig together since 1979. That same fall, we lost Blair to cancer.

Now, along with Steve, the rest of the original band from the 70's remains intact, and we've continued to play a few gigs a year in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

This all led to a desire to write and record a few of our own songs, and in late January of 2020, we spent an intense few days at Guy's home in Scottsdale, Arizona and wrote the songs that would eventually become "The Scottsdale Sessions".

We recorded the songs in July of 2021 at OCL Studios (Chestermere Lake, just outside of Calgary), and now we've released the EP containing seven originals – everything from dark to fun (but mostly fun), and we're all on that recording, including (thanks to the magic of technology), Blair.